Ash Dieback

We have lots of Ash trees (Fraxinus excelsior) in the reserve. So far we have found no evidence of the fungal infection (Chalara fraxinea) which is invading this country.   One Friend has sent us a short poem…


Graceful, noble, sturdy Ash
For hundreds of years an inspiring tree
Providing long bows against the foe
Thus helping us to remain free
Filtering light to the forest floor
Your branches well spread and strong
And the extreme beauty of the ‘Ash Grove’
Is honoured in the famous song
You reach out boldly toward the sky
Sheltering us from gale force breezes
But now you are under threat
From often fatal imported diseases
Though facing such an awful blight
Will you stand tall as each year passes
Or majestically arise again
Like a Phoenix from the ashes?

 H.Cawood, November 2012.