Volunteering. Helping in the Reserve is both rewarding for the volunteers and provides valuable assistance for the Ranger. A good number of people come along and help on different days of the week – depending on their availability.  Wednesday is however the main day for the volunteer team to get to work. The tasks covered are numerous and diverse – ranging from nest box making and cleaning to helping remove fallen trees.

Latest Volunteer activities: 

The regular Volunteer Team activities are recorded in the Volunteers Diary

North Wirral Rotary Club Volunteer Team

The North Wirral Rotary Club was well represented as eager members  have visited the reserve several times this year. They undertook  scrub clearance and the installation of a bench in Woodslee Dell.  This sheltered area near the Visitor Centre is surrounded with some rather nice mature trees and provides a tranquil and relaxing location within easy reach of the car park.  The threatened rain held off and a good morning was had by all. Here we see Tom, Len and Steve with our Ranger Alan preparing the bench site.  Thanks to all who contributed, we are most grateful for your help in opening up this delightful area of the park.

The Rotary Team have since been back, on their second visit, they provided some sterling work helping us improving the path / disabled access around Woodslee Pond.  Recently they have been back again and helped with the establishment of a bird feeding station in the dell close to the Rangers office.  This is now being provided with food every day and the local birds are starting to appreciate this. Nuthatches and tits can be seen throughout the day. Others, including several species of finches,  have also been spotted.   Thanks guys.

Educational Visits.  The reserve works in conjunction with local schools and educational establishments to provide facilities and opportunities for fieldwork and environmental projects.

Corporate Task Days.

Eastham Conservation Trust